Issues - Ryan Kulka for Mayor


Save Valley View Park and our Bloomington Green Spaces:

Our green spaces are precious. We need to keep them and protect them. I'm the only candidate who's been crystal clear about his stance on Valley View Park: we must NOT bulldoze the park - ANY part of it - for a multi-million dollar community center. The City Council and my opponent have not appropriately listened to the people they serve on this issue. The fireman's tournament, neighborhood get-togethers, and a FREE-TO-USE green space would all be sacrificed in this process. I'm NOT opposed to a community center, but I will work as Mayor to correct this proposal to alternative locations in order to PRESERVE VALLEY VIEW PARK. Further, I totally oppose the cement paving of our Minnesota River Bottoms. It's an expensive, short-sighted project that the city DOES have control over. We must preserve the green spaces near the river bottoms: trees, wildlife, and fresh water are all at stake in this process. We don't need a paved trail. All in all, I support saving Bloomington's green spaces.

I am the only candidate to take the "Save Valley View Park" pledge and the only candidate who's publicly committed to saving the Minnesota River Bottoms.



Making Bloomington An Affordable Place to Live:

For many of our citizens, finding affordable housing is becoming increasingly difficult in Bloomington. We need to create a better housing environment for our citizens. Solving this issue will take a team approach from our city leaders, local housing developers, landlords, and business leaders.

The first step in achieving this is lowering property taxes and making it possible for Bloomington residents to afford their homes. I am the only candidate in this race talking about lower property taxes, and that’s because I’ve heard so many stories from Bloomington residents about how they cannot afford their homes. That has to change, and lowering property taxes is a big step in the right direction.

Secondly, I believe relaxing government regulation regarding restricted zoning ordinances is crucial in allowing for more affordable housing options.  Many residents have also noticed “City Fees” being added to their utility bills which only increases the cost of living for everyone.  If we want Bloomington to be an affordable place to live, we need to strip down these barriers that make our city more expensive in which to reside.

Thirdly, we need to make Bloomington more business friendly.  This is a huge component to making Bloomington a more affordable place to live, and will serve to keep more of our hard earned dollars in our city. By relaxing regulations on businesses to open their doors, or renovate their current buildings, we can make Bloomington “open for business” once again. 


Transparency and Accessibility to Your Mayor:

I believe government is at its best when it is open and transparent. As Mayor, I am committed to being accessible and forthcoming on what decisions are being discussed & acted upon in Bloomington. 

I will also be hosting weekly office hours so that I can meet directly with members of our community to discuss issues that are important to Bloomington. As Mayor, it will be my mission to make sure that citizens of Bloomington are being heard  and that their sentiments are being considered and advocated for on City Council.


Managing Bloomington’s Financial Resources:

I believe managing YOUR MONEY responsibly should be one of the top priorities in Bloomington. I realize and understand that the City of Bloomington has the top credit rating available from the top credit rating agencies, and is one of the top cities in the nation in this regard.  However, If we manage our finances more effectively, budget more diligently, and apply dollars to where they NEED to be applied first, we can provide more resources for more citizens. This is how we build a more prosperous Bloomington for all of its citizens.

As a business owner, I know what it takes to create budgets and manage effectively to get things done. It’s also a high priority for me to help create jobs and prosperity in this city. I don’t just talk about it, I’ve lived it. My experience as a business leader in the community, as well as my personal experience living in Bloomington for 34 years, has prepared me to lead our city into a more prosperous era for all of its residents.